Business and trade associations are organized and funded by businesses that are based in a certain location or industry sector. Businesses that belong to a business or trade association can benefit from increasing their contacts, finding potential clients, and learning about industry specific issues. Business and trade associations can be a valuable tool and resource to develop your new product or expand your business. Business and trade associations are well connected in their area and sector and can help you develop strategies and connections.

British Columbia Innovation Council – BCIC is an organization that focuses on improving and developing entrepreneurs and the commercialization of technology in British Columbia. BCIC develops programs and provides support for initiatives that develop entrepreneurs and promote the commercialization of technology.

BC Sustainable Energy Association – BCSEA concerns itself with the sustainable use and production of energy in British Columbia. The BCSEA provides access to a large network of likeminded businesses, organizations and government bodies. New businesses that are entering the sustainable and clean energy industry can access unique opportunities from the BCSEA. The BC Sustainable Energy Association also provides assistance to established businesses in other industries to reduce their carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency.

BC Technology Industry Association – BCTIA is an organization that supports the growth of British Columbia’s knowledge economy. As the voice of the technology industry, the BCTIA is committed to the ongoing growth, sustainability and prosperity of the technology industry and the transformation of British Columbia to a knowledge based economy. The BCTIA facilitates partnerships, policies and programs to develop a positive business environment where technology companies will grow and prosper.

Digital Media and Wireless Association of BC – DigiBC is a non-profit organization focused on maintaining the best interests of the digital media industry in BC. There are over 1,300 companies in this industry sector that creates innovative products in wireless and mobile, video gaming, animation and visual effects, social media, interactive marketing, and e-learning.

Victoria Advanced Technology Council – The VIATeC connects people, shares knowledge, and provides resources to grow the technology sector in Greater Victoria. VIATeC is a membership based organization that develops programs around the needs of their over 350 members.

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