ACETECH is a non-profit organization driven by the personal commitment and passion of successful CEOs who want to give back to their peers. ACETECH is dedicated exclusively to CEOs and Past-CEOs of technology and life sciences companies and provides an on-going opportunity to connect with the best and the brightest stars in the technology field.

ACETECH Services:

CEO Roundtables – ACETECH’s CEO Roundtables provide an environment for CEOs of technology companies to discuss important issues that they are currently facing. A typical CEO Roundtable is made up of 10 – 12 technology CEOs in a closed-door setting. This helps to provide a supportive environment that builds relationships between participants and encourages honest feedback.

Growth Strategy Program – This program is designed and presented by CEOs who have experience creating successful technology businesses. The Growth Strategy Program helps new business leaders achieve higher performance, faster, with less risk.

Symposium at Whistler – This annual symposium lasts three days and provides participants the ability to stand side-by-side with many of the brightest technology industry experts. Participate in best practices workshops to identify improvements in your company’s performance.

Contact ACETECH:

Suite 900 – 1188 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC
V6E 4A2

Phone: 604-683-5852

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