The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is one of Canada’s leading polytechnic institutions with over 45,000 enrolled students (15,000 full time, 30,000 part time). 

BCIT has developed the Commercialization Assistance Program with the financial backing of Western Economic Diversification Canada and the British Columbia Innovation Council. The BCIT Commercialization Assistance Program supports small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing assistance during the proof of concept, product development, and pre commercial trial stages of commercializing a product.

BCIT’s Commercialization Assistance Program Services:

Prototyping – BCIT houses a state of the art prototyping facility that can design and create advanced prototypes. BCIT’s dedicated team of multi-disiplinary engineers, researchers, and designers have designed, developed, and successfully launched medical devices, mechanical & robotic devices, software products, and user interfaces.

Product Testing – BCIT offers product testing and analysis services on natural health and food products including: vitamins, herbal remedies, and medicines. BCIT can also test and validate products in the fields of aging and disability, automation and electronics, and the wireless and energy sectors.

Intellectual Property Advice – BCIT can help answer questions about filing a patent or conducting a patent search in Canada and the United States.

Industry Experts – BCIT can help make the connection to student consulting groups, student work projects and subject matter experts within BCIT’s faculty and researchers. Many BCIT faculty members work in industry, have industry connections, and have specialized training and education in many industry sectors.

Commercialization Events – To improve the likelihood of success for early stage entrepreneurs BCIT frequently run Commercialization Boot Camps with speakers on topics such as: the commercialization process, intellectual property, social media, and government funding sources.

BCIT Commercialization Fund – Qualified businesses may be eligible to receive financial assistance to offset commercialization costs through the BCIT Commercialization Fund. The fund covers professional services consulting expenses (lawyers, business consultant) and technical assistance and facilities (product design, prototyping, testing, verification, certification and demonstration).

Contact BCIT’s Commercialization Assistance Program:


BCIT Commercialization Assistance Program
Wing E – 4355 Mathissi Place
Burnaby, BC
V5G 4S8

Phone: 604-456-1032
Email: arlo@bcit.ca
Website: www.bcit.ca/appliedresearch/arlo/caps
Twitter: @BCITinnovation
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bcitarlo

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