New Ventures

The BCIC New Ventures Competition conducts an annual business competition that awards over $300,000 to new businesses in British Columbia. Leading up to the awards night, participating businesses can attend a number of seminars and networking events to develop relationships in the business and investor communities.

BCIC New Ventures Competition Outline:

Individuals and businesses that want to compete in the BCIC New Ventures Competition will need to pay $200 entrance fee to enter into the competition. The entrance fee allows contestants free access to all business education seminars and networking events in the months leading up to the awards ceremony. The BCIC New Ventures Competition is open to all BC residents or businesses with an innovative technology product or service and hasn’t received external funding from investors.

The benefits to participants in the competition can include: receiving advice from mentors, networking with top business professionals, present your business plan to a panel of investors, and the opportunity to win large cash prizes for your idea.

Contact BCIC New Ventures Competition:

BCIC New Ventures Competition
9th Floor – 1188 W. Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC
V6E 4A2

Phone: 604-602-5202
Twitter: @NVBC

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