Funding Sources

What is Business Funding?

To ensure that your business can run effectively for the long run, you need to make sure that you have the money necessary to cover all of your costs. Will your business be fully funded or partially funded through friends and family, bank loans, venture capitalists or government grants?

Why are Funding Sources Important?

If you run a small business then you will be probably looking for funding at some point. If you are just starting your business then you may need to have startup funds. If your business is already established then you may need some extra funding to expand your business or pay some bills during a tough time.

Funding Resources

Here are a few online resources and organizations that can help find funding options for your business.

Online Funding Support

Government of Canada – This website and online tool matches government grants and financing options to the needs of businesses. The online tool provides businesses customized grants and financing options depending on industry, financing needs, demographics, and location. 

Industry Canada – This webpage contains information for innovators and small and medium-sized enterprises on finding sources of funding and financial assistance, as well as helpful tools and guides to manage financing.

Small Business BC Financing Guide – This guide provides you with government assistance programs and services for small business. Both federal and provincial government programs are listed.

Centre 4 Growth Funding Links – The Centre 4 Growth Knowledge Centre contains links to many different funding sources to find funding for your company.

Funding Support in BC

BCIT Commercialization Fund – BCIT offers financial assistance to entrepreneurs and businesses that are developing new products. The fund covers partial expenses for professional services and technical analysis.

Community Futures – They provide business loans to current or prospective entrepreneurs who may have had trouble accessing capital from traditional lenders. They lend a maximum of $150,000 to new and existing businesses.

Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) – They are a national charity providing pre-launch coaching, business resources, start-up financing and mentoring to entrepreneurs 18-35 yrs old to help start successful businesses.

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