What is Marketing?

How will potential customers find out about your company? It’s naive to believe that “if you build it, they will come”. You need to consider what type of marketing your company will do, what your marketing budget will be and how you will track and measure the success of your marketing campaigns. You may consider creating an integrated marketing approach that includes a number of marketing methods including: a great website, pr campaigns, newspaper/radio/TV advertising, internet marketing, blogging, online videos, and using social media.

Why is Marketing Important?

Marketing is a very important aspect in business since it contributes greatly to the success of the organization. Production and distribution depend largely on marketing. Marketing covers advertising, promotions, public relations, and sales. It is the process of introducing and promoting the product or service into the market and encourages sales from the buying public.

Marketing Resources

Here are a few online resources and organizations that can help find with marketing your product and company.

Online Marketing Support Marketing Guide – An excellent resource that covers all aspects of creative marketing and sales.

Hubspot Marketing Guides – A collection of free white papers and ebooks about using internet marketing and social media to effectively communicate with your target market.

Google SEO Guide – A helpful 32 page guide about Search Engine Optimization written by Google. This guide will help small businesses create webpages that will get their websites to the top of a search engine’s results page.

Marketing and Advertising Using Google – A great 152 page guide written by Google to get you started in creating online advertisements using Google AdWords.  

Facebook Ads – An online guide that explains the steps to create an advertisement on Facebook.

Seth Godin’s Ideavirus – This 197 page ebook talks about how marketing by interrupting people isn’t cost-effective anymore and the future belongs to marketers who establish a foundation and process where interested people can market to each other.

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