Venture Capital

Banyan Capital Partners – Invests in both private and public companies across most industries. Banyan Capital invests in companies that have achieved at least $10M in revenue and are looking for $3M – $20M equity investment.

VanEdge Capital – Invests in businesses centered on digital media and intellectual property, particularly where their growth and profitability can be enhanced through the strategic use of technology and licensing, or improvements in core marketing, distribution or operating processes.

Yaletown Venture Partners – Invests in privately-owned Cleantech and Information Technology companies. Generally invests between $500K and $2.5 million.

Growthworks – Invests in the following industries: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Software, Communications and Networking, Hardware – Electronic Devices, Internet – Related, Alternative Energy, Advanced Materials, Environmental Technologies, and Cleantech. Initially invests between $100K and $5M.

Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital – Invests in early stage clean energy companies. Interests include: energy generation, transmission control & storage, energy use, and resource management.

Lions Capital Corp. – Invests in emerging life science, high tech and clean technology companies.

Goal Holdings – Invests in the following sectors: Technology, Green technology, Healthcare, Industrial, Media, Natural resources, and Telecommunications.

Roynat Capital – Invests in companies that have revenues ranging from $2M to $50M that require between $250,000 and $50 million in financing. Roynat invest is the following sectors: aerospace, business services, distribution, food, hospitality, manufacturing, packaging, and transportation.

Telus Ventures – Invests mostly in wireless, digital media, and next-generation network infrastructure companies. Telus Ventures invests between $1M – $3M with room for follow-on financing.

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